3rd intermediate Ranking per 02.07.2019

Meltemi is ‘ON’ and hitting Greece with its famous power and consistency. As a consequence we saw in June a lot of good results and its time for another score board.

Among the top riders Alex Petikidis is really on fire and now leading in four out of five categories; so is having now a solid lead in front of Philip Adamidis and closely followed Konstantinos Papandrikopolous.

The overall score board: 

  1. Alexandros Petikidis  5,8
  2. Philip Adamidis 19
  3. Konstantinos Papandrikopolous 20

download detailed results:


Best Category results so far (per 02.07.2019)

Category Ranking

All posted session and results can be seen in the event section at GPS-SPEEDSURFING

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Vladan Desnica looking forward to 2019

Vladan Desnica, the Odyssey of Speed Champion of 2012 and 2014 looking forward to our 2019 event. Read below what he has to say:

“A „different speed event“ as once described by the German Surf magazine, which includes not only the pure speed categories, but puts emphasis on and valorises a number of other windsurfing aspects as well. Besides maximum speed, the GPS devices that are used in such events record also jibing (Alpha500 category), endurance (max km in 24h), consistency (top average speed in 1h)… so for lighter guys like me (under 80kg) it is definitely more fun. I’ve been windsurfing for more than 35 years (30 years of racing) and I still love the sport, but typical back and forth cruising, obviously, is not as thrilling as before. So a format such as this, which still pushes you every day you are out on the water, is excellent. Depending on the wind conditions and water state, you choose a different category and go for it. If it is really windy, you go for the max speeds, if it is lighter but still strong, you try to improve your jibing, if it is light and constant, you try to see how much stamina you have that day… And the best is, there are many others trying to do the same thing – so “peer pressure” is what motivates us all to improve and find our limits. The GPS data are uploaded on the web site which hosts the event and shows the ranking, so windsurfers from all over the world, as long as the session was sailed in the Greek waters, post there and become a part of the Odyssey. Needless to say, this adds to even more fun – one day you are in front, the next day it is your buddy’s turn. And after all, fun is what we are all here for!”