Ranking 2022

The 12th edition of the ODYSSEY of SPEED was again a great success and with some remarkable results. 49 participants have uploaded 760 sessions, which sum up to 23.900 km.

Also this year Twan VERSEPUT was finally the winner and defended again his last year’s title and is crowned once more with the title ODYSSEUS of SPEED 2022! He now won the event three times in a row and is really showing consistent and outstanding performance. The only sailor able to keep pace with him still is Eric Groot van Ederen, who became second again. On third place this year came in our friend Alex Petikidis also as the best local greek speed sailor. Alex scored his results all over in Greece at various spots as the ‘real’ Odysseus did.

As part of Twan’s outstanding performance we saw again two all-time best scores at the Odyssey of Speed. With scores for the 5x10sec avg. of 77,44 km/h and an 1hour avg. of 48,46 km/h new top marks have been set now.

The woman race was won by Sofia Koukouzeli, who managed also to achieve a remarkable 28. place overall.

We are very pleased with all the positive feedback we got, and our event came back stronger from pandemic times than before. We had a lot of very lively and competitive sessions all over Greece and in particular on Karpathos during summer. We hope this trend will continue in 2023 and speed surfing in Greece will grow further – for this we hope to see all our friends again on the water, and some more new guys as well! Please spread the message!

We would like to thank you all for your participation, your dedication and the effort you put into this! You made it again what it is , the ‘different GPSSS event’ – Thank You! Stay fast and healthy; see you all in 2023 again.

The overall score board: 

  1. Twan Verseput 3,5 points
  2. Eric Groot van Ederen 12 points
  3. Alex Petikidis 25 points
  4. Tim Otte 29 points
  5. Roberto Hofmann 32 points
  6. Christian Bornemann 43 points

The overall score board (Women): 

  1. (28.) Sofia Koukouzeli 134 points

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All posted session and results can be seen in the event section at GPS-SPEEDSURFING

Note: all results marked in ‘yellow’ are corrected as they have been achieved with ‘non-Doppler’ GPS devices.