Final Ranking 2019

Twan Verseput – veni, vidi, vici!

Twan Verseput, the current Speed Surfing World Champion, has also won the Odyssey of Speed 2019!

First time on Karpathos and not really used to the conditions, Twan showed his exceptional skills on the slalom board. With three first places (500m, Alpha500 and 1 Hour) out of five categories he really dominated the overall ranking and his victory is more than deserved.

With this outstanding performance he pushed Eric Groot van Ederen to the second place. Eric was keeping the overall lead until beginning of September. Although ‚only‘ second overall Eric has scored two first places in the ‚classical‘ speed disciplines (2 Sec max and 5×10 sec avg.) and was by this the fastest windsurfer (80,8 km/h) during this year’s event! Again, also this year, the fastest man is not the overall winner of the Odyssey of Speed – the different GPSSS event!

Third position is going to the best greek windsurfer, Alex Petikidis. Alex was sailing most of his sessions on the island of Kos and probably the conditions haven’t been that excellent for speed sailing there than on ‚the rock‘ Karpathos. Would be great to see Alex and more greek speeders competing on Karpathos in equal conditions – hopefully next year!

We must not forget to mention the two women competing this year and which gave each other a close battle. Urska Kavic-Desnica finished as best women overall (26. with 137 points) ahead of Sofia Koukouzeli (28. with 149 points).

In total our 48 participants, from 8 countries, have uploaded 611 sessions with 19.000 km recorded.

The overall score board (Men): 

  1. Twan Verseput 6,1
  2. Eric Groot van Ederen 14,4
  3. Alexandros Petikidis  25
  4. Tim Otte 27
  5. Johnny Tuijn 34
  6. Vladan Desnica 34
  7. Christian Bornemann 38
  8. Philip Adamidis 42
  9. Minos Efstathiadis 49
  10. Papandrikopoulos Konstantinos 53

The overall score board (Women): 

  1. (26.) Urska Kavic-Desnica 137
  2. (28.) Sofia Koukouzeli 149

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Best Category results per 17.09.2019)

Category Ranking

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