Speed Training Camp in Devils Bay

Breaking News: This year we go for a Speed Training Camp in Karpathos!we are happy to offer a training camp together with Rob Hofmann, one of the most recognized windsurfing coaches in the world. For one week you will have the chance to tune yourself and your equipment for maximum speed! Professional support by video analysis and a lot of fun is guaranteed! Where: Location will be at the Meltemi Windsurfing Station in KarpathosWhen: from 5th of August until 12th of AugustFull cost 250€ for the full week (Limited to 10 participants)in case of any question and/or support needed do not hesitate to contact me here or under info(at)odysseyofspeed.com


Without any doubt our event won’t be possible with the strong support from gps-speedsurfing.com, and even more this year we have been granted with two free Premium membership at GPSSS, which we are happy to give to two participants,

8. Place Man: Ilias Tsekouras

9. Place Man: Philip Adamidis

FOUR SEASONS Taverna – Food for Champions

This year first time sponsoring our event with a prize. The ‘Four Seasons’ is very famous among windsurfer in Karpathos offering one of the best pizzas and traditional greek food on the island. Perfect for restoring your energy level after some hard speed session.

The prize of a free dinner for four persons goes to 7. Place Man Johnny Tuijn.

Enjoy the food and atmosphere at this stunning place!

HAPPYpur travel voucher brings you into the wind

with HAPPYpur one of the oldest and most experienced travel agencies, specialized for travels into the wind and especially to Karpathos, is supporting the Odyssey of Speed. Also this year we are glad to offer a travel voucher valid for booking with HAPPYpur to one of the ranked participants.

The voucher worth 250 € is going 6. Place Man Christian Bornenmann.

Meltemi Windsurfing Karpathos prizes go to …

As the ‘home’ of the Odyssey of Speed, directly situated on the spot at Devils Bay, Afiartis, Karpathos we are very grateful that MELTEMI WINDSURFING Karpathos remains to be one of our most important supporters and sponsors. Also the winners of the 2020 edition several prizes have been offered and are distributed among the contenders as follows:

  1. 2 weeks  storage box for one person: 2. Place Man Eric Groot van Ederen  
  2. 1 week storage box for one person: 3. Place Man Tim Otte
  3. Hoodie Meltemi Windsurfing Karpathos: 1. Place Woman Leta Margoni
  4. T-Shirt Meltemi Windsurfing Karpathos: 5. Place Man Konstantinos Papandrikopoulos
  5. Lycra-Shirt Meltemi Windsurfing: 3. Place Woman Inga Kontis

Our 1st Prize goes to Twan Verseput

As one of our longest sponsors THALASSA SUITES is ‘traditionally’ sponsoring the 1st prize at the Odyssey of Speed. Their very generous offer is a free stay for one week at this stunning place. The best accommodation here at Karpathos for windsurfers directly at the spot.

Twan Verseput as the winner of the Odyssey of Speed 2020 is the well deserved winner of this great prize. Enjoy your stay!

7th intermediate Ranking 2020

It Ain’t Over Till It is Over!

Another update to show the current ranking. Only few changes, but due to the extension of the event until end october this year still plenty of time to sail fast!

The overall scoreboard is unchanged with Twan still leading it.

Total number of sessions uploaded 526, distance sailed 18400 km.

The overall score board: 

  1. Twan Verseput 6,1 points
  2. Eric Groot van Ederen 14,4 points
  3. Tim Otte 21 points
  4. Minos Efstathiadis 35 points
  5. Konstantinos Papandrikopoulos 38 points
  6. Christian Bornemann 41 points

download detailed results (per 17.09.2020):


Best Category results so far (per 17.09.2020)

Category Ranking

Note: all results marked in ‘yellow’ are corrected as they have been achieved with ‘non-Doppler’ GPS devices.

All posted session and results can be seen in the event section at GPS-SPEEDSURFING