2nd Intermediate Ranking

Dutchies leaving scars on the scoreboard!

In the middle of the competition period the scoreboard has been drastically changed by a group of durch speedsurfers having fun on Karpathos. Twan Verseput, Eric Groot van Ederen, Marco Lambers, Johan Huitema and Wouter van Hilst have pushed hard and a lot of great results have been achieved. With a lot of personal spot records, sport records and even all-time bests at the Odyssey of Speed the ranking is now dominated by these group!

Twan Verseput, two-times champion of the Odyssey of Speed, delivered remarkable results and is leading in four out of our five categories.

Also on greek main land some nice results have been scored again, and quite a number off new entries are showing up. This is very much appreciated, as having fun on the water and pushing each other is the top priority of our event!

The overall score board: 

  1. Twan Verseput 4,8 points
  2. Eric Groot van Ederen 12 points
  3. Alex Petikidis 14,7 points
  4. Minos Efstathiadis 25 points
  5. Konstantinos Papandrikopoulos. 26 points
  6. Marco Lambers 46 points

download detailed results (per 06.08.2021):


Best Category results so far (per 06.08.2021)

Category Ranking

Note: all results marked in ‘yellow’ are corrected as they have been achieved with ‘non-Doppler’ GPS devices.

All posted session and results can be seen in the event section at GPS-SPEEDSURFING