Meltemi Windsurfing Karpathos prizes go to …

As the ‘home’ of the Odyssey of Speed, directly situated on the spot at Devils Bay, Afiartis, Karpathos we are very grateful that MELTEMI WINDSURFING Karpathos remains to be one of our most important supporters and sponsors. Also the winners of the 2022 edition several prizes have been offered and are distributed among the contenders as follows:

1. 2 weeks  storage box for one person. 1. Place Man Twan Verseput

2. 1 week storage box for one person. 4. Place Man Tim Otte

3. Hoodie Meltemi Windsurfing. 3. Place Man Alex Petikids

4. T-shirt Meltemi Windsurfing. 5. Place Man Roberto Hofmann

5. Lycra Meltemi Windsurfing. 6. Place Man Christian Bornemann