Karpathos Speed Run with 40 knots

The video was recorded on an average day in Karpathos, Devils Bay. Wind was around 30 knots. Rider: Tim Otte, chasing my friend and team mate Roberto Hofmann. Board is the legendary Starboard ISonic Speed Special W54, powered by a Severne Mach4 6.2 sail. For me one the best combos for Karpathos!

The run starts in the second bay next to Devils Bay which is my preferred procedure, as this allows me to get into Devils bay and into the speed run with maximum speed and highest upwind position.

So full speed half wind passing the island and the reef, then upwind towards the beach, and then going downwind parallel to the beach, and not forget to stop in front of the rocks. Top speed was 39,8 knots.

recorded with helmet-mounted GoPro Hero 9 black.